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Emotions play the main role in how we feel, how we think and they also drive our behaviours. If we feel sad, we think sad thoughts and behave in ways that reinforce the feeling of sadness. Sometimes we perceive the world as good and other times bad. Emotional balance is our ability to maintain equilibrium and a balanced composure when we are faced with challenge. It enables us to stop swaying one way or another so when we experience situations that involve strong emotions we can remain calmer because we are less affected by them.  Building emotional resilience is essential and we can do that through becoming aware of our emotions and learning to balance them.

Using the Emotion Energy Cards will help to bring your emotions into your awareness, the positive emotions and the not so pretty, but equally valid, shadow emotions. Once you start to notice your emotions you can let them rise in you and really feel them, put a name to them, understand them and then bring in some balance. When you do you will no longer be at the mercy of your emotions and when that happens BOOM! 

  • You will start to live life from a place of peace, calm and composure. No longer having your buttons pushed or being triggered by other people or situations. 

  • You will be able to see how your emotions are the main driver in yours and everyone elses thoughts, behaviours and actions.

  • You will take the place of a detached observer in your interactions with others and make choices and decisions about how it plays out based on love, for yourself and them.


How they work

Working with the energy in the cards will help to balance how you feel and how you act in your everyday life. The cards can offer guidance in any area of your life such as relationships, work, health or a general enquiry. Your answers are always inside you and the cards will bring them into your consciousness. The energy in each painting is expansive and absorbing it will help to bring balance to your current situation as you take it into your heart space to replace emotional polarities. 

You can use the cards intuitively by interpreting the imagery and the energy they give or read the message on the cards and find further meaning using the online guidance book. You could use one of the suggested layouts in the book, make up your own or use one of the many spreads used for oracle readings.

Take a look at the case studies below to see how the cards can be used in different situations and settings.


FOCUS: Self Sabotage

Michelle had reached a crossroads with her online business presence. She had several blogs which were starting to cross over in terms of content. 

Her oldest blog was connected with her current Etsy shop and products, as well as related interests. One was a well established self care blog and the third was a newly created blog in her own name.

Michelle thought that by expanding the scope of her self care blog a lot of her writing material would fit comfortably on there. Yet she wondered why she had felt so inspired to create the new one. She was at the stage where she was stuck because she did not know which blog to post on. On the one hand there were two blogs that had taken a lot of time and effort to build, but on the other Michelle wondered if she was delaying her growth and progression by not completely focusing on her new blog.

She had a tendency to self sabotage when things were opening up and moving forward.

READING: Self Sabotage

The spread used for Michelles reading was a three card spread highlighting the strength, challenge and action to take to move forward with the situation.

The strength card was LOYALTY and this showed that Michelle was very loyal to her heart truth. She had a strong moral code around her beliefs and values. The card is calling her to revisit these and ensure they are still aligned with her higher ideals. Then she will act consistently and faithfully through her truth.

Michelles challenge card was UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Because she was stuck and neither blog was working out in the current conditions this card was asking her to check which one she really loved and was aligned with her heart. If she couldn’t put her heart into it it wouldn’t flourish.

TRUST was drawn as the action to take. It was about Michelle having faith and trust in something bigger than her that she was unable to comprehend at that time. There was no need to control because that stops the flow of energy and creates blocks, which is what she was experiencing. It was advising her to allow space to let creations come into being. 

OUTCOME: Self Sabotage

In terms of my blog dilemma: I decided to really focus on my Etsy based blog. I went back and condensed my focus, what I'm really passionate about, and ways to work those in this particular blog. 

I decided to stop working on the self care blog because I wasn't really resonating with that content in the way I'd been continuing. As you picked up, it was related to past events and keeping me from moving forward. Taking that outlet away helped me focus on inner healing again. 

The personal name blog… I haven't written anything on, really. I think it was the urge to get my books started, and my Inner Author itching to get out that fuelled it. So I'm setting it to private for now.

Your reading really helped me focus on what I love, what's important to me, and getting back to centre.


FOCUS: Rejection and Self Worth

Josie started her career in an inner city secondary school and went on to gain a promotion in a highly acclaimed grammar school.

Minutes after she had been informed she had been successful in her interview her new line manager told her she had only got the job because she had fought for her because she was not the first choice of the other interviewers.

Josie was excited about starting her new job but could not shake off the niggling feeling that she wasn’t really wanted. She felt driven to prove herself by striving to be perfect, exceeding all her targets and going above and beyond. After several years however she was suffering from stress and burnout and couldn’t keep up the relentless pace she had set herself. She felt like she was coming unstuck and that she was a fraud.

Her self esteem had been eroded as she attracted more and more situations that mirrored and confirmed how she felt. She wanted to know if she should leave teaching altogether or try another school.

READING: Rejection and Self Worth

The spread used for Josie’s reading was a three card spread highlighting the strength, challenge and action to take to move forward with the situation.

The strength card was FLOW and this card is showing her she has options in her life and can change this situation. She is well qualified, has gained valuable experience and developed professionally during her time at the school. It is highlighting that resisting flow can create blockages.

Josie’s challenge card was FORGIVENESS and means she has some inner work to do around her wound of not feeling wanted or good enough. Forgiveness for herself too and remembering every moment is a brand new start. 

GENEROSITY was drawn as the action to take. When we share of ourselves, we create more - more abundance, more prosperity, more connection, more happiness because it is like a ripple effect. Josie has a lot of experience and knowledge from working in a grammar school that would be highly valued and welcomed in another setting, whether that was a new school or not. 

OUTCOME: Rejection and Self Worth

I was so excited when I was offered the job and knew it would improve my career progression but because of this one comment I ended up feeling like a failure and miserable.

The cards showed me that I actually had gained a lot of professional development from the job but I was so lost in proving the school was right to hire me that I had lost sight of this. The hurt at their rejection had driven everything because I had set the bar so high for myself. I was really at the stage of quitting the profession. 

Now I can see that I have options and there is movement where I felt really stuck. I can let go of the hurt now and focus on the positives to be drawn from the situation. I can start afresh and take control of my health.

Thank you for helping me to gain perspective. There are several second in department jobs I have looked at and I can see I still have a lot to offer education. 


Emotions For Change

Know that your answers are ALWAYS inside you and the Emotion Energy Cards help you to access them. They are your very own self development tool to consult that will bring out your answers with the help of some divine guidance.

Having your very own oracle can help you to understand the emotions at play in different situations so you can build your confidence without exposing your insecurities and struggles to others. You can take control and own your power as the creator of your life, allowing your life to align with how you DREAM it to be!

Let's nail this together!

Order your set of Emotion Energy Cards now and start working with the fabulous energy and guidance they contain.

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Try before you buy

Purchasing a reading can help you to see how the oracle works before deciding if the deck is for you. Readings range from £3 - £10 and requests can be made at checkout to look at specific questions or situations you need guidance with.


Purchase the Emotion Energy Cards and start working with the guidance and fabulous energy they contain.

The set includes 39 glossy full colour cards showing the Energy Art of 39 balanced emotions and an explanation of each emotion. There is one further card containing a QR code linking to a guidance book. The guidance book has further descriptions and guidance and also explains how to work with the cards, including suggested layouts.

The Emotion Energy Card Set carefully considers the environment by having no box and no book. The cards come in a 100% natural cotton drawstring pouch (no harmful chemicals used) and is manufactured in an ethical Fairtrade factory and printed in the UK. The guidance book for the Emotion Energy Cards is available online, rather than printed to keep materials to a minimum and keep the cost down.

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A QR code included on one of the cards links to a pdf guidance book containing more detailed explanations and how you can work with the energy to bring more balance to your emotions. 

Your cards will be charged with beautiful crystals with the intention of serving you in light and love before they make their way into your life.

Included in the deck is one further card containing a QR code linking to a guidance book. The guidance book has further descriptions and guidance and also explains how to work with the cards, including suggested layouts.

The guidance book for the Emotion Energy Cards is available online, rather than printed to keep materials to a minimum and keep the cost down.

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I love your cards. They are very high quality and come in a lovely pouch which I felt was an added bonus! The instructions are clear and helpful. Anyone would benefit from them - even someone who had never used oracle cards before. I used the cards for the first time this morning. I chose to use the 3-card method, where the first card is the Strength, the second is the Challenge and the third card is the Action. At this sitting I was seeking guidance about my relationship with my partner. The answers given were spot on and answered the question I had. This was a comfort!

I was so impressed by the cards that it has prompted me to create a meditation space in my kitchen that I can use each morning. The cards will feature prominently in my practice. Thank you for creating this beautiful and helpful deck .


Thank you so much for the card reading. It helped me with exactly what I needed help with, and I'm feeling less stuck with that particular issue now. Since I didn't tell you what it related to it really proves just how awesome these cards are going to be to work with, and thank you for being the beautiful channel you are.



Dawn I loved this reading.  You are 100% correct about my stepdaughter and her deep feelings of hurt.  Your reading is very appropriate and spot on, and there are many points in it I plan to reread and meditate on so I can not only heal but also bring healing to all involved.  The argument has broken my heart and I know it's been difficult for her, too. Thank you for the reading, the healing thoughts, and the wise advice.


A great pack of cards. I love the draw string bag, much more environmentally friendly. The cards are beautiful and I really enjoyed working with them. These cards would be a really asset to anyone who wants to get to the bottom of any emotional blocks. They have been really accurate when I've used them. Thank you Dawn!