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Our emotions are a good barometer for looking at where we may be out of balance in our lives. We live in a world of opposites; a world of duality. There can be no light without dark and you can’t know happiness without knowing sadness. We strive to pursue positive emotions, but we would never be able to do that without the existence of the opposite negative emotions.

The Emotion Energy Oracle deck aims to rebalance your emotions by guiding you to the answers that are already within you but may not yet be in your conscious awareness. By helping you to recognise how they are the driving force behind your thoughts, behaviours and actions during challenging times, the cards can offer guidance in any area of your life such as relationships, work, health or a general enquiry.

When reading from the deck, the intention is that the cards will show you the emotions that are at play and which emotions may be beneficial to bring to the situation that you are questioning. During a reading, the objective is to detach from the swirling energy of the world by focusing on your own life and looking inwards at your vulnerabilities, helping you to gain clarity of a clear path forward with actionable guidance that you can choose to take regardless of external influences.

Emotion Energy Oracle Deck Oracle Readin


-        39 full colour oracle sized cards (89 x 127mm) presented in a strong box with a lid.

-       Each card displays the beautiful, vivid Energy Art of a balanced emotion (created by Dawn Beedell who, in meditation, visualises and channels energy into visual forms) and a short explanation of the emotion.

-       The card stock is 330gms with a matte surface which protects the cards against scratches with minimal light reflection.

-       They are smooth and easy to shuffle.

-       There are a further 3 cards. One contains a QR code linking to a PDF guidance book. The guidance book has further descriptions and guidance and also explains how to work with the cards, including suggested layouts. Two further cards contain spreads that could be used when consulting the cards.

-       They are a great complimentary deck to other Tarot or Oracle decks as they give an extra angle.

Emotion Energy Oracle Deck Oracle Readin


Focus on your enquiry and decide which spread to use (there are suggestions in the guidance book or use your own). Shuffle the deck and choose one card at a time, trusting that you will receive those that you need. The chosen cards will help you to see the situation from a different perspective and will offer the guidance that you seek.

Consider the artwork of the chosen cards. Breathe slowly and focus on the subject and colours – note how they makes you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Think about how the emotion/s relate to your situation and read the description in the guidance book for more information and how to take the advice forwards.

Finally, give yourself space to reflect and interpret the advice the reading has presented. For more clarity, refer to the case study examples in the guidance book.

Your cards will be charged with beautiful crystals before they make their way into your life, with the intention of serving you from their highest vibration.

Emotion Energy Oracle Deck Oracle Readin


Purchase a reading over on my Etsy shop to help you to see how the oracle works before deciding if the deck is for you. Readings range from £3 - £10 and requests can be made at checkout to look at specific questions or situations you need guidance with.










Disclaimer: The Emotion Energy Cards or readings purchased from Dawn Beedell are provided as guidance only and are not a substitution for medical or psychiatric care. Please seek out a suitably qualified medical professional if you are in need of medical or psychiatric care.  You hold full responsibility for your choices and decisions and the Emotion Energy Cards and associated readings are only to be used to assist you in your personal development and should never replace any professional medical advice.

**The Emotion Energy Oracle deck consists of 39 energy paintings depicting balanced emotions based on the ‘Ascended States’ from the spiritual teachings of Leslie Temple-Thurston (https://www.corelight.org/the-marriage-of-spirit/)**