About Me

Hi, my name is Dawn and I am an artist and designer living in Pendle Witch Country in Lancashire, England. I have a lifelong love of art - which has played a huge role in my life - and have enjoyed success in competitions and exhibitions.

I  have a deep respect for nature; it’s hard not be inspired by the wild English countryside that surrounds me. I find Pendle to be particularly moody and beautiful, with the straggling Forest of Bowland and its sullen streams as black as ink - not to mention the areas notorious magical and mysterious history surrounding the Pendle Witches. These inspirations always find their way into my work in whichever form it takes.


You can also find handmade items in my online shop, such as wooden crystal shelves, personalised tarot and oracle card stands, other Oracle decks I have designed and more. My daughter, Steph, helps with our small business and everything we create comes from a place of genuine care. I am eternally grateful to be able to spend my time doing something I enjoy.


Ultimately, our dream is to escape the hectic 9-5 lifestyle and live a simple one instead. I’d love to eventually be able to live on a barge with my husband, Clive, and my daughter is planning on getting her own little caravan – both nearby to our studio so we can continue to create handmade treasures and I can carry on developing my energy art. If you’d like to see my journey, please follow me on my social media:

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Thank you for your support!

Dawn x

I used to teach Design and Technology in high school, until 2010 when I went through a period of depression and my life changed forever; I left my career and my artistic inspiration left me. I experienced some dark and difficult times where I didn’t even want to pick up a pencil. However, as I recovered my art transformed and I began to experiment more. After a suggestion from a friend I tried energy painting, and the rest was history.


I began to go out into nature to paint, meditating and channelling energy into visual forms, and from that I created Emotion Energy Oracle - an empowering oracle deck for those who are on a journey of personal growth and spiritual development designed to help recognise how emotions are the driving force behind thoughts, behaviours and actions.

The Emotion Energy Oracle is now available to pre-order on the link below: