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Why Am I Here?

Do you sometimes wonder what the deeper meaning to your life is?

Are you stuck doing a job that is not satisfying you or wonder if you have chosen the wrong career?

Do you sometimes feel that you are wasting your natural skills and talents?

Struggling to see that all your life experiences have happened for a reason and for your personal growth and development in this lifetime?

There's got to be more to life right?

Your Soul Plan Reading

We have lived many lifetimes as eternal souls in physical forms. Before we enter each lifetime we choose our lessons and the people who will play a part in them. We will experience challenges and joys and everything in between. We each have a soul purpose.

Using your full birth name I can create a detailed soul plan reading for you. Your name holds vibrational energy which encodes your souls purpose, life lessons and goals and is generated using a form of numerology. Knowing these can help you to better understand why you are here and what your soul has chosen for this particular lifetime. It can unveil patterns that may keep re-occurring in your life and uncover core beliefs and perceptions that could be holding you back from living from your full potential.

Your reading will explain what your souls goals are, your challenges to overcome and indicate the talents and personal characteristics you as a unique individual hold inside you. It will also have recommendations for beneficial activities to help you to align with your unique soul purpose.

Your reading will be written up as a transcript and emailed to you. 

Soul Plan Readings cost £50

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FOCUS: Self Sabotage

Michelle had reached a crossroads with her online business presence. She had several blogs which were starting to cross over in terms of content. 

Her oldest blog was connected with her current Etsy shop and products, as well as related interests. One was a well established self care blog and the third was a newly created blog in her own name.

Michelle thought that by expanding the scope of her self care blog a lot of her writing material would fit comfortably on there. Yet she wondered why she had felt so inspired to create the new one. She was at the stage where she was stuck because she did not know which blog to post on. On the one hand there were two blogs that had taken a lot of time and effort to build, but on the other Michelle wondered if she was delaying her growth and progression by not completely focusing on her new blog.

She had a tendency to self sabotage when things were opening up and moving forward.

READING: Self Sabotage

The spread used for Michelles reading was a three card spread highlighting the strength, challenge and action to take to move forward with the situation.

The strength card was LOYALTY and this showed that Michelle was very loyal to her heart truth. She had a strong moral code around her beliefs and values. The card is calling her to revisit these and ensure they are still aligned with her higher ideals. Then she will act consistently and faithfully through her truth.

Michelles challenge card was UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Because she was stuck and neither blog was working out in the current conditions this card was asking her to check which one she really loved and was aligned with her heart. If she couldn’t put her heart into it it wouldn’t flourish.

TRUST was drawn as the action to take. It was about Michelle having faith and trust in something bigger than her that she was unable to comprehend at that time. There was no need to control because that stops the flow of energy and creates blocks, which is what she was experiencing. It was advising her to allow space to let creations come into being. 

OUTCOME: Self Sabotage

In terms of my blog dilemma: I decided to really focus on my Etsy based blog. I went back and condensed my focus, what I'm really passionate about, and ways to work those in this particular blog. 

I decided to stop working on the self care blog because I wasn't really resonating with that content in the way I'd been continuing. As you picked up, it was related to past events and keeping me from moving forward. Taking that outlet away helped me focus on inner healing again. 

The personal name blog… I haven't written anything on, really. I think it was the urge to get my books started, and my Inner Author itching to get out that fuelled it. So I'm setting it to private for now.

Your reading really helped me focus on what I love, what's important to me, and getting back to centre.