Balancing Energy and Emotions

In these modern times mental health, depression, fatigue based illnesses and suicide appear prevalent. And no-one is immune - young children, adolescents, young adults, men as well as women, the middle aged and the elderly. I care passionately about mental health, having supported many young people during a twenty year career as a secondary school teacher and working as a support worker at a horticultural therapy project for adults. I have also had personal experience of depression a decade ago where my life came to an abrupt standstill.

Energy Card Oracle

I set myself a goal of painting the energy of 39 balanced emotions and one year later I have completed them. Throughout the year I sensed that I was creating the paintings for the greater good of others, rather than just for myself. Now I have reached my goal I have designed an Energy Card Oracle to share them with the world. 

The card set consists of 45 cards and they can be used in several ways; choosing a daily card to guide you which energy to bring to the day; searching for the energy you can bring to emotions that needs balancing; to asking questions about your situation and trusting the guidance the cards give. The 39 Balanced Emotion cards include readily available descriptions so it is easy to see the meaning and how you can apply it to your life.

As well as being fun and a great source of guidance, I believe the cards can help to raise awareness of how energy and emotions play a huge and significant part in our mental wellbeing and health.

If you feel drawn to support me in my next goal to raise enough to self publish the cards in bulk and getting them out there in the world - there are two ways you can do this.

Buy a deck yourself - Very soon I will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign where there will be different reward levels including buying decks, original paintings and prints. There will be a reward level that includes buying a deck and a 'pay it forward' deck. You or I can choose a mental health project, charity or organisation to receive an Energy Card Set to help beneficiaries or pass on to service users who would benefit from them. They will receive a letter explaining the ‘pay it forward’ pledge and you will receive a card detailing where your gift was ‘paid forward’. 

Support me on my Ko-Fi page - Buy me a coffee (or several) to help me reach my first goal of 50 Energy Card Sets printed and receive a reading in return.

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