Creativity and Health

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Creativity is good for your health and can help to heal.

For the past year I have used my art to help heal from old wounds, bring up buried memories and beliefs and even look at blocks I have. Visual expression is just one way of healing and it does this through conscious or unconscious processing.

Most people think of art when they think of creativity and that if they are not artistic or don’t paint or draw then they are not creative. But in truth everyone of us is creative because creativity takes many forms. There are the obvious creative outlets such as music, or dance or journalling but also just everyday things like choosing your outfit or preparing and cooking a meal, managing your finances or planning a holiday.

We are all creative beings and whenever you create you are connecting in with your higher self and your intuition. The creative act itself is a form of self expression and deep inner knowing, whether there is talent there or not it is the process and not necessarily the outcome.

You’ve all seen and heard the worst singers having the time of their lives on karaoke right? And just think of the shake up and movement of energy in a dad dancer lol. These people are raising their vibration whether they are aware of it or not whilst others sit it out, worrying too much what other people will think of them. Using creativity to have fun and do something you love is so beneficial to our physical, mental and emotional health.

What ways are you all creative? Do any of you use creativity to heal?

Love Dawn :)

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