How I Paint Energy

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

There are several ways that I paint energy. Usually I start my paintings out in nature where I sit and connect in to universal source energy and ask to be shown what the energy of a place, object or person looks like. I usually get the visual imagery straight away and trust my intuition, then go on to paint it.

Often I will use water from the place I am painting, for example FORGIVENESS (below) was painted at Bronte Waterfalls, Haworth and I used water from the waterfall. If I am not painting outdoors or I want to continue a painting I started out in nature, back in my studio I will collect a container of water to use later.

I connect in to universal energy through meditation and ask to be shown what the energy looks like, of a place, person, emotion or object and then wait for the vision. Some people hear, see, feel, smell or sense energy. Sometimes the vision comes as a flash and from that I am able to create the energy art. I then translate the vision through paint, pastels, pencils and sometimes iridescent powders into reality for others to see and experience. I work out the logical steps to recreating the vision that holds the energetic structure I was shown.

Sometimes I do not get the vision straightaway. I have to wait longer and ask again to be shown. Other times I am not relaxed enough and can't still my mind and at those times I will try again on another occasion.

Another way that I create my energy paintings is to prepare for painting with my art materials ready and a blank page. I go into a relaxed state and let my hand start to draw or paint directly onto the page. I do this without bringing my mind into it, trusting that I am being guided to reproduce the energy. This is the way I painted DISCERNMENT (shown below). I use mixed media with predominantly Liquitex acrylics as they are bright, colourfast and have a good range of colours.

Love Dawn :)

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