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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

When I first started to paint intuitively it was quite difficult for me because I had been painting in a realistic way for years. My old paintings were highly detailed, carefully constructed and crafted and followed all the rules, yet were somehow lifeless! Fast forward and compare to my painting FORGIVENESS which in contrast is bursting with life force energy, vibrancy and expression.

In between these two contrasting styles, my art and my life had to completely die before both could be reborn. Almost a decade ago I experienced my Dark Night of the Soul. My car stopped, my job stopped, my life came to a standstill and my art left me, all in very abrupt ways. For almost two years I had no desire or will to even pick up a pencil.

When my art returned it was crazy creative. I started producing fabulous, creative and colourful paintings in mixed media. I had total creative licence to experiment and play.

Then after a few years I got fed up of all the glitter and sparkle and shit that I used in my work!

During this process I completely opened up to new possibilities where I was able to try anything with my art without the fear of failing. Although I did not realise it at the time my old art was a mirror reflection of my life, dull, lifeless and asleep. All that I had ever learnt, believed, valued and perceived in my life and my art had to go to make way for the new! I have never dismissed the old because it all had its purpose in shaping me into who I am. I was however finally ready to recognise it, give thanks and let it go.

Even so when it was suggested that I could try and paint ‘Energy’ I was skeptical. I use a transformational processing technique created by Leslie Temple-Thurston, The Marriage Of Spirit,

which works at balancing emotional polarities by replacing them with Ascended Emotional States. Bringing the energy of these emotional states into your life gives you a baseline of composure and peace as you are both emotionally and mentally balanced.

I admit I felt a bit ashamed of doing some art that did not 'mean' anything and wasn’t even a recognisable image. I felt far too superior an artist and perceived that people who knew me for my art (other artists, friends and family) would think OMG what has happened to Dawns work. This is not her usual detailed standard. But I just made myself start - with my very first painting of ACCEPTANCE - even then I couldn't resist a tiny bit of imagery in - if you look ever so close you can see a polar bear swimming in the swirling waters at the bottom.

It was so liberating for me once I started to relax into it and I now love painting this way and would not go back. It also got me out of my conditioning (caused by many things including how the art world operates) and it has taught me so much.

39 paintings later and I completed a full set of Ascended Emotional States.

One BIG thing I have learnt in this new direction with my art and that is to just 'start' something, go with the flow of it and if it is what is meant to be for you it will start to happen and feel easier than stuff that isn't right!

My old paintings won me prizes in local art competitions. My colourful mixed media paintings gained me a place in an exhibition at The Strand Gallery, London. My Energy paintings are going to change peoples lives!

Love Dawn :)

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